Political Animal

Trump Weighed in on the Wrong Side of Two Issues Facing the NFL

Rank hypocrisy is no problem for people who are willing to play games with the lives of others.


Going Negative, Going Positive

Michelle Obama’s mantra ‘when they go low, we go high’ is completely the wrong strategy for Democrats.

Republic 3.0

The Path to Medicare-for-All Starts with Medicare-for-Kids

The mechanics of single-payer are daunting. Could government-run health insurance for all American children be an attainable first step?


The Road to a Stable Job—Without Crippling Student Debt

A novel grant program in Virginia is helping workers earn career-boosting occupational credentials.

Health Care

Nevada to Big Pharma: 'Show Us Your Books!'

Working Nevadans finally scored a victory against big pharma. Will other states follow suit?